Week 10

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Just as we get a influx of decent weather I came down with a horrible chest cold and was pretty much useless for the week. It never fails to happen this time of year. You'd think I'd be expecting it by now... The melting snow has been exposing large areas...
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2014 Planning

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Planning time is well underway for 2014! We’ve got an exciting mix of crops and other goodies planned. Hand Sown Farm Cookery Classes will begin monthly starting in June and will cover a wide range of seasonal food and gardening topics. Its hard to imagine how short the winter rest…

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¬† I feel a bit guilty about enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. Part of me also hasn’t had a chance to mentally end last season and start this season. Loads of snow and sub-zero temperatures usually help with that. I found myself today without a hat outdoors harvesting carrots for…

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