New (Old) Beginnings


Cold breezy days so far this week! No surprise that the weather has been unpredictable this time of year…a bit of rain, snow and cold wind interspersed with sun and stillness.

Will and Rachael started this week! It feels good to have such a strong team together at the beginning of the season! We are all looking forward to our new apprentices starting in May.


We have been plugging away at planting, making good progress. Kale, cabbage,kohlrabi, salad, spinach, arugula, spicy mix and peas have all been tucked into the field. They will be able to brave the cold as long as they stay covered and the weather doesn’t dip to polar vortex levels. We’ll start harvesting out of the hoops this week! Spinach, salad, arugula and even some sunchokes from the field.



We added more compost per bed for the brassicas this year. Last year we had a yellowing of leaves at the bottom of each plant and were not sure if it was caused by a nutrient deficiency or a fungus. Hopefully this good start will help the kale and cabbage grow vigorously!

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