April Showers


Our transplant green house is packed full of transplants ready to go out! This year the transplants look especially healthy–I think we got the start time right this year. Soon they will be ready to harden off outside the greenhouse before planting in the field.



We started a bit of ginger to see how it will grow in the hoop house. The little tubers will sprout in the heated greenhouse and get moved out to the hoop once they have grown a bit. How wonderful would it be to have fresh ginger this fall!?


We start planting out in the field this week. Not sure how that will work out with all of this rain, but since we have permanent raised beds we can get out there, rake back mulch, add compost and plant when there is a break in the rain.

Andrew and Dylan (our hoop house guru) got out and finished pounding in the posts this past weekend and made sure they are level. All the pieces are in place and tools organized so our hoop build should go smoothly this coming Sunday! The weather is supposed to be really sunny, warm and not windy so we are hoping for a great turn out!

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