Wood Heat


March for me has the aroma of wood smoke. Since our farm beginnings here, we have relied on a double barrel stove to heat our 15’x30′ greenhouse. Its not the most efficient (it requires me to get up several times a night), its not the cleanest (too much creosote because it doesn’t burn hot enough) but it gets the job done. The price was right too. I think after this season I will be ready to embrace a new heating technology for our greenhouse or at least a more efficient wood stove that does not require quite so much babysitting.


We just announced our big hoop building day for Sunday, April 12th! I’m hoping it will be a big party at which we also happen to get two hoop houses almost complete. I’m excited to make good food for the event too–perhaps trying my hand at those croissants again for breakfast?? Lets hope for a lovely, sunny day with no wind!!


Our friends Peter and Andrea came out to help us take care of some early Spring farm tasks this past weekend. Its refreshing to have others come help on the farm to breath some new energy into the start of the season! Peter and Andrew put in the most sweat equity and spent hours getting hoop house posts in. This will make the hoop build sooo much smoother the day of as we can focus on the upper structure.

I spent a morning at a farm equipment auction down the road. They have auctions every year and this was my first time! It was quite an experience but I didn’t leave with anything. I didn’t have the patience to wait around for some of the things I was interested in to be auctioned.

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Time is passing by so quickly already! We’re almost to April! We should be getting evaluated for our organic certification in the next month and harvesting out of the hoops any day now. I’m certainly looking forward to warmer days ahead.

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