Spring Equinox


I am often asked “what do you do all winter?”. My answer typically consists of a bit of planning, resting, substitute teaching, eating, sleeping, reading, etc. On top winter and my regular routine, I cultivated a passion for sourdough baking! I had started a sourdough starter several times before but this time it stuck. I discovered a great recipe for making sourdough bread after reading ‘Cooked’ by Michael Pollan. He writes about a bakery in California, Tartine, that specializes in sourdough breads. The recipe was solid enough that even I semi-successfully baked bread that was crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside with a pretty complex flavor!

I was hooked after that and quickly ran to the library to pick up Chad Robertson’s book. I made croissants using our starter! Never in my life would I think I could do this. It felt so satisfying (especially because the recipe took over 48 hours).


Alas, my bread baking has taken a back seat this week to…ah, farming. How bittersweet to shift my energy and attention from one passion to another! (Andrew is also a bit sad as he has so enjoyed the fresh baking!) I am determined to reserve time each week for cooking,baking and preserving this season in the midst of working with the soil.


And soil…I have been working. The transplant greenhouse is now over half full of our baby brassicas. I love seeing these little ones soak up the sun and grow practically before my eyes. They are so determined and seemingly…happy. Maybe I’m just projecting…


We started our own onions this year as well, in addition to the green onions we always start. Because we applied for organic certification we had to plant all certified organic starts. I had trouble finding onion starts equivalent to the ones we used to buy from a Texas company–they were quite large by the time we received them and had a good jump on the season. Our onions will be ready later this season because they will be smaller starts, but I think they will be just as if not more delicious. Hopefully well worth the wait!142681310872.105.50.11

Spinach, salad, and arugula are up in the hoops. We have been chowing down on spinach after many, many weeks of greens-free living. I never, ever want to be without greens at all times again….polar vortex be dammed!



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