Just as we get a influx of decent weather I came down with a horrible chest cold and was pretty much useless for the week. It never fails to happen this time of year. You’d think I’d be expecting it by now…

The melting snow has been exposing large areas of grass and drip tape I left over the winter, creating ponds in the low areas of the field and reminding me that Spring is upon us. In a way I’ve been ready for a while, but with farming there is always more to do and plan.


This year we’ll see many larger changes. We have a larger crew (Will and Rachael returning for year 2! plus two newbies-Erin and Kate), two additional 30×96′ hoop houses, a brand new field plowed, USDA organic certification (we hope at least) and the largest change might be investing in new barn to process our greens in complete with a fancy licence. We’re still working on what this will all look like, so we won’t have an answer until June.


For now I will focus on whats right ahead of us, sowing seeds in the greenhouse, ordering materials, pruning, and organizing. IĀ appreciateĀ the gradual awakening this time of year, it allows me to work up to the long busy days ahead.


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