2014 Planning

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Planning time is well underway for 2014! We’ve got an exciting mix of crops and other goodies planned. Hand Sown Farm Cookery Classes will begin monthly starting in June and will cover a wide range of seasonal food and gardening topics.


Its hard to imagine how short the winter rest goes by before firing up the greenhouse. I look forward to taking time cleaning out the greenhouses and organizing the wash pack. We’re also planning to build housing for the apprentices this year, in addition to an outdoor kitchen and solar shower. This is something we’ve had on our agenda for years and we’ll finally get to it this year!


Now that we’ve processed our first batch of chickens (and so far made one killer batch of chicken soup!), we’re discussing getting a new batch or layers in the Spring along with a batch of meat birds. We’ve still got some more details to plan out but its looking like it will fit into our season plan.IMG_2639

Right after the new year we’ll start placing seed orders, materials orders and posting job descriptions and then we are officially digging into our fourth season.


Until then, I will continue to enjoy these slower peaceful days with family, warm fires, good food and rest.



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  • judiandrick says:

    Are you back home in Michigan or still in Minnesota?? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Deb, Doug, Beth and Phill.

  • Ellen Molony says:

    Exciting times ahead! get lots of rest as you’ll need it now for the season ahead. Happy New Year – it’s a solid # and good vibes.

  • Csilla says:

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with us. I miss my goodies & am thrilled to hear you are gearing up for 2014! :)
    I just made a chicken soup today! Guy had 2 huge bowls of it and added noodles to his.
    Can’t wait to get goodies from you all! How great to hear you’ll have housing / kitchen / shower for apprentices!
    CONGRATULATIONS on all the progress & HARD WORK! You guys ROCK!
    When will Farms shares be available!? :)

  • handsownfarm says:

    Happy New Year Csilla! Glad to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday! Farm Share info should be up later this week. Also, Heather gave me a few of your Hungarian Cookbooks to return to you. I have them and promise to bring them to you at market.Stay warm! See you soon!

  • kari says:

    hey there friend! your pictures are beautiful. glad things are going well for you and the farm. your job posting looks really good and i’ll be praying for you to find the 2 most wonderfullest helpers for the upcoming season. miss you! kari

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