Our new market cart !


Yesterday I finally took an hour or so to tour Cornman Farms in Dexter. Cornman is the farm owned by Chef Alex of the Roadhouse and is now getting a extension in the form of a beautiful goat barn and milking facility, event space and small restaurant…oh! and a small smokehouse built in 1880….among many, many other things. I was kicking myself for not bringing along my camera. They are specializing in tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and the field looks immaculate.

We’ve been attempting to keep up with weeding over here. Tomaso is still with us for a couple of weeks and a new volunteer, Abby, has been helping out occasionally as well. This is the time of year when I’m usually researching something new I have seen or had to deal with in the early mornings or evenings. I’m still figuring out how to fertilize and manage tomatoes as we go. So far things look good.



To prune or not to prune? How much to prune? How much compost do they need? How much water? What diseases do they get? How about all those beautiful hornworms, flea beetles, fruitworms….I love tomatoes as much as the next person, but these babies are high maintenance.


Andrew and I took out the trailer for its first run this past Saturday. I’m happy to say that we got it to market safely and in once piece! The trailer was a hit at market and super easy to unfold and pack up.


Even when we had one or two bags of arugula left it still looked nice! I’m looking forward to filling it up more and more each week!

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  • Carrie says:

    Megan, I love your Market Cart! Missing you guys this summer! Slowly exploring Denver and trying to find something similar to my favorite Hand Sown Farm. You are a hard act to follow! Hope you are having a lovely time at the farm. Cheers to all things that grow!

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