In the thick of it (just about)


This is one of my most favorite parts of the season. We’ve just planted the whole farm (264 beds, 3’x100′,  to be exact) and are  “keeping up” on fertilizing and weeding. Large harvests are about to but have not begun to overwhelm us. Its like the relative quiet before the storm.


This is the time I get to take more time to appreciate what we’ve done so far and dream about the produce we will harvest. The flowers are looking good and a few weeks from starting to bloom.



We’ve been working around a killdeer nest we found in the onions. I’ve never found one of their actual nests before. Every time we get anywhere close (while we’re weeding), the mother starts to do this little dance faking that shes hurt to try to lure our attention away from the nest. The eggs resemble perfect little speckly rocks.




Developing an efficient harvest system and wash-pack system was a huge priority for me this winter. Only now am I getting the chance to try it in action and tweek it. Andrew and my dad just completed a new washing system. Our new greens harvester is sent straight from the farm heavens. I absolutely love it and am so happy I swallowed the price and went for it. It is now our most expensive and complex tool. It runs on a cordless power drill. I intend to post some photos or videos of us using it soon. I am starting to realize how intense our harvests will be this season and that we will be very much understaffed. I need to figure out where we will get extra help very soon…


So many greens! We loove to grow salad mix. I feel like over time I’ve really learned a lot about what makes an excellent mix. I plan to experiment with different types of salad mixes this season so folks can try different flavors and textures.


We have a weekly community lunch on  the farm. Meghan, Austin and I take turns making lunch from farm produce to share with each other. Pictured above is a tarragon maple lemonaid, asparagus soup with croutons and parmasean and of course a big ol’ spring salad! We are finding ways to enjoy the bounty of the farm together.


I’ve felt somewhat saddened by the amount of produce we’ve been able to harvest thus far. We had a patch of carrots left in the hoop house and lots and lots of greens. We’re making the best of what we’ve got though and are thankful for all the wonderful support folks have given us at market.


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