Mother nature giving back

By May 23, 2013SPRING

IMG_2567As I looked around this week the field is starting to grow in. It feels like an eternity since we began this season and it is only the end of May. Mother nature has finally decided to embrace our crazy plans and help us along a bit with warmth and then rain. There is nothing like a good solid rain to give new life to the plants.

IMG_2570I’m accepting each day with gratitude and viewing our work within the context of the ‘long view’. No need to stress if kohlrabi isn’t big enough, it will come on when its ready. Taking time to be thankful for what we can harvest feels much more rewarding.

IMG_2578This is the first season we’ve really harvested asparagus in earnest and boy is it gorgeous! The purple and green together look so stunning not to mention how incredibly sweet the spears are! Its such a treat for these to come up voluntarily early in the year!

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