Still kickin’ it

Yes, the answer is we are still alive and well over here. I had a bit of a blog hiatus due mainly to the fact that I had temporarily misplaced the camera charger. Surprisingly when I went to look in the spot that it should be–there it appeared! This is a typical illustration of the regular brain misfiring I’m known for during the height of the season.

We’ve been immersed in markets, tomatoes, greens and zucchini and squash. Boy is there a lot of squash. Even with virtually no rain this summer we still have squash left over from market every week.


Fall is psychologically already upon us as the nights cool off and we are required to plan for crop succession. I am partial to fall growing myself, as the pests start to die off and the season seems to relax into itself in a way. At the same time, the field is filled with vegetables ripe and ready to harvest and fall/winter seems quite a long way off…

Next week we have a farm share member potluck which is followed by the Waterloo Farm Museum Picnic Supper sponsored by Slow Food Huron Valley. We are donating a lot of produce for this and are very excited to be part of it. Slow Food has sponsored me to attend the Terra Madre 2012 conference in Turin, Italy this October (more on this later). The supper is catered by Dan Vernia¬† from The Raven’s Club, Brandon Johns from Grange Kitchen and Bar, and John Savanna of Mill Pond Bread¬† so it will certainly be a treat!!
Since this has been on my mind a lot lately–can I just say how amazing Zingerman’s Roadhouse is? I know the food is unforgettable, but from a farmers perspective, this restaurant really gets it. The owner, creator and James Beard Award winning chef, Alex Young also happends to be a farmer. He gets it. As a result his whole kitchen gets it. This restaurant seeks out farmers and real food and pay us a decent price and aren’t pretentious about it.They understand seasonality, flexibility, problems a farm would typically face. They buy quantities that are worth our effort. They give us positive feedback. They are by far the best restaurant we’ve ever worked with thus far. So next time you are headed out to dinner–head to the Roadhouse!

More next week…since I found the camera charger!

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